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Carly's interview on 'Eye on Downtown Kelowna' and the Holistic Market:

Shiatsu as an alternative therapy for neck and back pain and osteoarthritis. Alive magazine.

Reiki as a form of natural healing. Alive magazine.

Shiatsu and Reiki as healing modalities offered through InspireHealth, the only centre in Canada to provide publicly funded integrative cancer care. Alive magazine.

k.d. lang incorparates shiatsu as part of her health regime. Alive magazine.


"For me a Shiatsu treatment with Carly is worth 3 regular massages for the benefits received!"

"Shiatsu was a very enjoyable and amazing experience. I found Carly to be well informed. She explained exactly how this procedure works for first time clients. This was the most relaxing massage that I have ever received. I will definitely refer some friends to her."

"I bought a session for my wife who thoroughly enjoyed the hour long Shiatsu massage. She found it to be totally relaxing and enjoyable. She expressed the sleep she had that evening was the best she'd had in ages."

"Carly is a breathe of fresh air in the health and wellness community. Her Shiatsu treatment, using acupressure (hands instead of needles) was a perfect adjunct to the acupuncture I had just been receiving. She addressed the same meridians, with the same intention and effect without the needles."

"Carly uses these Tibetan Bowls when she performs her Shiatsu treatment and placed them over a few regions of the spine. I didn’t know if the intention was to balance chakras or release muscles so I had an open curious mind. When she placed the first bowl on my lumbar spine, even the light weight of the bowl made me aware of the pain and tension in the area. When she rang the bowl, the sensation was like a small hole had simply opened in my low back and my tail bone began to relax towards the table as the muscles of my low back began to relax. The longer she rang the bowl, the bigger the hole grew in a swirling manner until all the stress and pain in my low back were gone and my spine was completely relaxed. It literally unwound the tension in the whole region."